Thank you for visiting the Kelowna Counselling Hypnotherapy Centre.

This is a great time to be exploring hypnotherapy. New techniques, comfortable office space and online coaching services are available to help you take your game to the next level.

Whether you are a high performance athlete, business person, artist or simply an nice person, we have something for you. Hypnotherapy is the most elegant method for self improvement imaginable. Develop your creative abilities, healing skills, performance and productivity.

We also work well with people in transition. Are you in a rut, experiencing trauma?Feeling emotional pain, stress and anxiety? Do you have a habit you want to break?

Do you want the latest technology in goal setting? How about a competitive edge or a crisp new strategy for success?

We are constantly researching new approaches, designing new methods and refining our existing patterns.

This is the centre for real achievement. Call now to book your first meeting. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.  And take a look at my other website: byronmiki.com. Here you will find more information about coaching services and my background.


Byron Miki, Director