Quit Smoking Now

Ready to stop smoking? Many people are ready to let go of that old habit, now. Here are some of the orienting thoughts I use to help clients with this transition:

One can quit any time. While some go cold turkey others may tapper off. Either way works. Be flexible.

It helps to have a plan or strategy to quit. Here is one approach:

  • Clarify a strong set of reasons to quit (health, inconvenience, cost, unattractiveness).
  • Leverage the two drivers: Attraction to pleasure vs avoidance of pain.
    1. Create an inspiring vision of the future – see self as a healthy, wise, person who used to smoke and is now committed to health and well-being.
    2. Create a set of negative associations to cigarettes/smoking. Imagine yukky, repulsive images and sensations, in a playful manner.
  • Gently intervene. Break the daily pattern:
      • Start by taking ten comfortable breaths and while focusing on these breaths, allow yourself to relax and enjoy a moment of peace or tranquility.
      • Notice any sensations, good or bad thoughts, feelings, ideas, pictures, and gently let them go.
      • Repeat the act of letting go and enjoy even more relaxation, freedom and liberation.
      • Gradually invite that inspiring vision of health, well-being, and prosperity.
      • Repeat this intervention throughout the day. Perhaps every hour on the hour or whenever an old trigger exposes itself.
  • To prepare for this transition: be willing to create lots of momentum, drive, determination, conviction, enthusiasm and playfulness. Commit to muscling through the first four days with sheer will power. Believe in your ability to transform.
  • Give allowance to rest, nap, drink lots of water, be active, and have fun.
  • Create a supportive environment. Surround yourself with beautiful pictures, sounds, aromas, comfortable clothing, laughter and warmth.
  • Create a positive vortex upwards and onwards:
      • Commit to taking sensible appropriate actions.
      • Choose to notice any positive results, goodness, and beauty.
      • Allow these observations to be a motivator to take even more sensible appropriate actions.
      • Repeat
  • Practice strengthening a commitment.



2 Responses to Quit Smoking Now

  1. Kla says:

    Yes, if you believe. I’ve been itynophzed twice. Once with a comedian on stage and once to quit smoking. You can’t do anything under hypnosis that goes against your core values, judgment or wouldn’t normally do any other time. I quit smoking for 8 wks. until I went to a club with friends and they were smoking and I was drinking. So putting myself in a vulnerable situation, I broke my own will power and gave into the temptation. Knowing what activities that draw your attention away from what you should be doing will also help. Then figure out how come your immediate pleasure of those activities are more important than the long term pleasure from completing the task. Then try to come up with some things that will increase the pleasure of the task you have been putting off. And the pain associated with giving into procrastination. This mental list or written list will help if you decide to go to the hypnotherapy.

  2. Ran says:

    I’d have to say the best results will have to come from you. No matetr what treatment you choose you will be the only one getting results. I’m going through this myself and it feels like something vital is missing from my life without cigarettes. I guess that’s what drives addiction and I’m in no way out of the woods yet but if I want to live and have use of both of my legs there’s no other answer for me but to quit. You can use hypnosis but if you don’t want it to work, it won’t. So it really is a matetr of will power over desire, my friend. I hope both of us can beat this, I know I have to, so good luck!

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